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a day in the life {02/06/2017}

February 7, 2017


So last week, I decided I would attempt documenting a random day for a “Day in the Life” post. I always enjoy the simple glimpse into a bloggers life when they do this, and thought I would give it a shot. I decided to choose yesterday as the day.


I like to take pictures, and I like to document our life – even the simple things about it. I was hesitant that I would be able to remember to take pictures the entire day, but I felt like I did a fairly good job. Some of our days are much more scattered in the evenings, and this happened to be one of those evenings. I probably could have taken more detailed pictures of everything that I did, but all-in-all, I felt like I captured a day in pictures.


As boring as that may be.



My alarm goes off at 4:00am every gym day. Right now, that is Monday through Friday, but before my shoulder surgery, it was 4 weekdays, depending on the gym schedule. My alarm might go off at 4:00, but I usually don’t get out of bed until 4:15.


My gym clothes are set outside our bedroom door, and I get ready in our upstairs bathroom as quietly as I can. I’ve been a bit concerns that Franklin will wake up when I sneak out of the bedroom, but so far, that hasn’t been the case. He sleeps quietly until the rest of the house wakes up.



It take me about 15 minutes to get completely ready for the gym, and so I’m usually downstairs by 4:30. That leaves me with about 15 minutes to check emails, surf Facebook and check to read some of my favorites daily blogs… like Mix & Match Mama and Momfessionals. These two bloggers are friends in real life, and I often wonder why I am so fascinated with them? Perhaps it is because their life is soooooo far removed from mine. Everything about them is polar opposite from me, except that our kids are somewhat similar in age. They are beautiful and thin, they have lots of money, they live in a Texan suburb, they live in amazingly huge, wonderful houses. They are every. single. thing. that I am not. They wear nail polish. They probably get their nails done. They have extra money to spend on home decor whenever they want. They have money to buy beautiful holiday decorations. They have walk-in closets that function properly for their clothing. They have tons of clothes and can purchase them anywhere they want… not just Old Navy clearance. They have fun Girl’s Night Out parties and Recipe Swap nights. They can decide on a home renovation that they want, and make it happen. They have beautiful extended families that have cabins on a lake. They take vacations. They take luxury vacations with their friends sans kids. They take exotic European vacations with their kids. Regardless, I completely and fully enjoy reading their blogs, and I love following all of their stories. I can usually count of both of them having a new blog post up each morning, and I spend my fifteen minutes of quiet each weekday morning, imaging myself living a life even remotely like theirs.



Our house is very old and you can hear a pin drop in another room. I try and keep as quiet as I can while I’m downstairs that early in the morning so that I don’t disturb anyone upstairs. I keep as few lights on as I can. I do enjoy the peacefulness during that time, and winter always makes everything that much more cozy.



I use my time in the morning to sync my Polar watches before heading to the gym. I use two of these watches – the A300 for my workouts at the gym and the A360 for everyday wear. I love the HRM that the A300 provides, and using the Polar Flow app really gives me great details of my gym routines. After the gym, I change out to the A360, which is a much slimmer, more day-ready watch. I love that both sync effortlessly with the Polar Flow app, and the A360 measures my overall daily activity and sleep. I do wear it while I’m sleeping, and I like being able to see a rough estimate of how I slept the night before.



With temperatures dropping near -20 recently, I need to get my car warming up within 10-15 minutes before I plan to leave (and to make sure my car even will start that morning!). I don’t have the luxury of a garage – maybe some day when I grow up – but walking outside in the quiet of our neighborhood is often a nice little moment of my morning. Sometimes the deer are on our front walk. The other morning a huge hare was right out by the mailbox. I scared him off, but he sat out in the middle of the street, waiting for me to leave.


Once my car is started, I grab my water bottle from my car and mix up my pre-workout drink. I just started adding the aminos to help with my shoulder recovery and the Vortex is just an addition because I was getting the product for such a good price. There has been a great rebate deal on these two BPI products, combining a printable coupon, an Ibotta rebate, and a CheckOut51 rebate. These containers cost $17-$19 per container at full price. With the combines coupons and rebates, they cost $2-$4 apiece. I’ve been stocking up while the coupon is still active and the rebates continue to reset, and now have a nice stockpile to hopefully last for quite awhile.



I love my gym, and I am usually the first one there in the morning. I try to get in the door by 5:00am. I am one of the few people that have the code to the lock for arriving outside of regular business hours. There are a handful of us that all arrive between 5:00-5:45am, however, but if I get there by 5am, I’m usually the first one and opens up the building.



It’s always so quiet and peaceful when I’m there by myself. My headphone go right in as soon as I get there, but the silence might be a bit eerie if I was working out to the sounds of my own breathing and nothing else. I know to expect certain people within the hour that I arrive, no I’m usually not caught off guard if I catch someone out of the corner of my eye!



Getting all of the lights turned on.



Currently, I am not doing any heavy lifting since I’m still in major shoulder rehab. I was doing Stronglifts 5×5, but now am following a leg/core workout given to me by the gym owner until my shoulder is back to normal. I do this workout M, W, F for the first hour, and then I do interval sprints on the treadmill for the second hour (except for Wednesdays, when I do a spin class during that time).


On Tu/Th, I try and do my shoulder rehab exercises after I get there, and then I usually split my time between treadmill interval sprints and long-distance incline walking. I usually settle in and watch some TV series while I’m on the treadmill… right now it’s Sneaky Pete.


Sooooo good. Love me some Giovanni Ribisi.



Today was a leg/core workout for the first hour and interval sprints for the second hour. I record each of them separately on my watch, so this was showing just my heart rate for my sprints.



The sun is now just coming up when I get home. This is my view from the street when I get home each morning. The snowflake was leftover from Campbell’s birthday party. I loved it and decided to keep it up since it’s. still. winter.



This little guy greets me at the door each morning, acting like he hasn’t seen me in years. Today was no different and it puts a smile on my face. He is so sweet!



The big kids were already up and just relaxing in the living room, reading books, when I got home. I am so blessed that I have a husband that really helps make everything run smoothly on school mornings. Since I have always gone to the gym super early in the mornings, this is how our house has functioned for a long time. He is in charge of making breakfast and getting the kids up. I get home after those two things have happened, and we team up to get the kids off to school. (To be completely honest, I mostly drink coffee, tell them to eat, and spend the rest of the morning taking a shower and getting ready.)



Again, I am so lucky that our family schedule allows me to be gone in the morning. By the time I get home from the gym, breakfast is already on the table. This morning was omelettes, cinnamon toast, and bananas.



The first thing I do when I get home – after saying good morning to kids and husbands and dogs – is head straight to the coffee pot. My breakfast is coffee with my favorite vanilla protein powder as a creamer. I love Allmax Isoflex.



Campbell woke up after everyone, and need a bit of encouragement from daddy to make it all the way downstairs.



While everyone is eating breakfast and I’m drinking my first of many cups of coffee of the morning, I sync my gym information with my phone and my other watch so that I can charge my gym watch and get my other one on. It maybe sounds confusing with too many steps, but it really is super simple.


I love that I’ve already gotten my daily steps in (and then some) by 7:00 in the morning!



My kids eat slower than a turtle stuck in molasses if it’s before 10am, so our mornings are usually filled with reminding them to take bites and then a mad rush to get dressed, brush teeth, and pack school bags.


Once they have done everything, they can use whatever time is leftover to play their iPads. Sometimes that is for 15 minutes, and sometimes they get it turned on, sit down on the couch, and then have to put it away to get to school.


Franklin and Greg walk them to school right now. I handed off the walking to school responsibility after my shoulder surgery, due to the ice and snow, but have been milking the help from Greg since he continues to walk with them. #watchingthemwalkinthesnowinnegativetwentydegreeweatherwhileiminslipperswithacupofcoffeeinmyhandforthewin



After everyone was off to school, Greg and I sat down to get some estimates completed and sent out.


Once the estimates were out, he left for the day and it was time to settle in and get some more River’s Edge work done.



First up is getting a large timber list typed up and sent off to one of our general contractors. Our employee wrote it up so nicely, it was a shame to have to retype everything (he has such nice handwriting!) but it is better if it’s a typed out file on the computer.



And then payroll, don’t forget payroll!



I love my husband. Not only does he make breakfast each weekday morning and wake the kids up, but he also packs their lunches and unloads the dishwasher. Seriously, I know how good I have it.



Mondays are usually my physical therapy days and today was no different. I spend an hour in PT, waiting for the last 15 minutes of my session when I get the best 15 minute sports back massage. It hurts so good and totally is worth the stretching and manipulating that happens during the first 45 minutes. I’ve told my therapist that the only reason why I keep coming back is for the massage at the end of the hour.


And I’m totally not kidding.



After Pt, it was back home to let this little guy out of his crate so he could go to the bathroom. He usually goes with me to PT, but Greg put him in his kennel while we were finishing up some office work, and he ended up going to sleep. I decided not to wake him.



A fast computer break – some mindless jacket shopping/dreaming!



After I pulled myself away from the computer, Franklin joined me for my daily business banking. He has yet to learn that the drive-through equals a dog treat…



I had a few things to pick up from Walmart while I was out.



Franklin wasn’t amused that I was leaving, but for now, he is a perfect gentleman while being left alone in the front seat while I shop. I do know that will change once he gets a little older, but for now, he lays down and goes right to sleep as soon as I walk away.



My Walmart trip was for some Valentine’s gifts for the kids and a few rebate items that I needed before they expired. I redeemed $23.00 in rebates from buying 4 items that totaled $32.24 – so in the end I paid $9.24 out of pocket.



After getting back home, I realized that I needed something to eat. I had my lunch planned, but decided on a pickle while lunch was being made. Sometimes you just can’t wait.



And I finished off the last little bit of coffee in the coffeepot.


My lunch was an avocado, a La Croix, and a bowl of miracle noodles, zucchini, high-protein chicken soup, and hot sauce.


I actually sat down to eat lunch while watching an episode of Project Runway Junior. #sittingdownforfourtyfiveminutesandwatchingmindlesstvisprettygreat



This was my view while trying to eat lunch. Good thing he’s cute.



After lunch I spent some time going through schoolwork piles to toss the unnecessary papers and file the meaningful ones away. We have a tall file cabinet that has a drawer dedicated to each kiddo. I currently file away papers from school and daily life by grade years, and am learning to just let go of things that really aren’t completely important. I usually keep a lot of art work, some examples of math pages throughout the year, their semester reports, and any monthly progress reports that come home after a unit. I used to keep. all. the. things. but am getting better at being selective.


This paper that Finley wrote is pretty great. I initially read it as “I think it would be fun to live in Ancient Rome. You would have a short life expectancy because of diseases, wars, and gladiator fights.”


I guess if that’s what makes life fun, Fin…



And then two baskets of laundry made it’s way upstairs.


*** NOTE: It is now Tuesday, and those two laundry baskets are now on the floor of our bedroom, in the exact same state as they are in the picture. #whyohwhydoeslaundrysucksobad



It was then time to get the kids from school. We live 2 blocks away from the school, but since my shoulder surgery, I’ve been driving to pick them up. While my arm was in a sling, the ice was just too scary to navigate, but now, I am liking the routine of being able to hurry back home and get ready for our afternoon activities. We have ended up with a little more time to drop off school bags, get a snack, and get ready for whatever class we have that day.


Franklin and I loaded up and I usually spend the time waiting for the kids going through the mail and listening to Spotify.



I received my CheckOut51 cash out check in the mail today. I cash out as often as I can, which is once you reach $20 in your account.



My Spotify gym playlist is not kid-friendly.



Franklin gets so excited when the kids show up! Campbell is usually the first one to the car, and likes to ride upfront while sharing the seat with him.



Finley has an hour before basketball, so she finished the food in her lunch while working on her classroom Valentine’s. #yepnothomemadethisyear



Campbell and Rowen had gymnastics and soccer at the same time today, so they quickly got ready to go and we headed out to drop them off at the rec center.



After dropping Rowen and Finley off, I emptied out lunchboxes sat with Finley while she finished up her Valentine’s. They were pretty cute Cootie Catchers, and I helped her fold and put them in their envelopes.



After she finished, she helped with unwrapping more Hershey’s Kisses for the Chocolate Valentine Pretzel Bites that we are making. We worked on a few batches on Sunday, but needed more Hershey’s Kisses to use up the rest of the M&Ms and pretzels that we had.



It was then time to leave to get Finley to basketball and pick up the other kiddos. Amazon dropped off a box and it’s always fun when you can’t remember what you ordered! We dind’t have time to look, so it would remain a mystery for a little longer.



Franklin came with us to switch out kids at the rec center. Campbell was outside waiting, but Rowen wasn’t, so I went in with Finley to track him down.



He was getting out of class just as I was walking into the building.


When we got home, I was able to open up the Amazon box. I forgot I ordered an oil diffuser as a birthday gift for my best friend’s daughter. She loves the one we have, and this will be perfect for her bedroom.



Monday nights are fiddle lessons for Rowen and Finley. They are not part of the String Program’s group lessons this session because basketball conflicts with the schedule, so they are taking weekly private lessons at our house. Because of this, Mondays are a little hectic with evening activities and dinner. When Rowen and Campbell got home at 5pm, they had a quick dinner (organic chicken hot-dogs, homegrown turkey, and veggies). Nothing special, but it had to be fast so they would be ready for their fiddle lessons later that evening.



Finley got home an hour later, and sat down to her plate while Rowen and Campbell helped unwrap more Hershey’s Kisses. They are watching some cartoon on their iPad. #don’tjudgebutipadsatdinnerarereservedformondayandtuesdaynightswheneveryoneiseatingatdifferenttimes



They each have a 30 minute private lesson each week right now. They set up and warmed up about 10 minutes before Drew arrived.



Franklin wants to only be in the middle of everything during the lessons but is too distracting. Fencing him out only makes his howl and bark, so after this picture he got banned into the kitchen.



While Rowen’s fiddle lessons was going on, the girls and I finished up the last batches of our chocolate pretzel bites. When Finley started her lesson, Campbell went upstairs to get ready for bed (read: played with her Shopkins in her bed) and Rowen and I ended up messing around with the MSQRD app and Faceswap.





Greg had to work late tonight, so it was just me and the kids at bedtime. I leave my phone downstairs overnight, so my last time with it in my hand was about 8:30 as we were all heading upstairs to brush teeth and read stories together. I read for a bit on my Kindle after the kids fall asleep, but honestly, after waking up so early each morning, my bedtime is right around the same time.



As I was putting my phone on the charger, I noticed that Franklin had maaaaaybe peed on the kitchen rug unnoticed. I actually headed upstairs later than 8:27pm because I decided to wash all of the kitchen rugs. Lights were out for everyone about 9:00. Later than I like for the kids on the school night, but fiddle lessons until 8:00 make our schedule a little crazy

friday favorites #10

February 3, 2017



Happy Friday! I’m late, as usual… but I am linking up with Erika, ShayAndrea and Narci, Karlie, and Amy, while sharing my favorite things from this week.


This week was not my week for staying on top of blogging. I have some plans for next week, and I’m just going to roll with whatever happens. I’ll try and pencil in some scheduled blog posts and hopefully get my act together!




Thursdays are currently our day where we have nothing to do after school.




Now, if you actually know me, you will know that this is strange, uncommon, and all-around unheard of. But it’s true.


For now.


I’m telling you, it feels good to know that we get to come home and just do nothing. The kids get excited about putting their pajamas on immediately after getting home and playing with Legos, or playing on their iPad, or watching some cartoons, or reading.


Really, the sky’s the limit on Thursdays.


Finley asked if she could stay after school and play on the big snow hill with her friends. I love that we live so close to school, and I love that she is getting old enough to make a plan like this, clear it with me, and get to enjoy some fun with her friends. She checked in with me when I was picking up Campbell and I let her stay and play. She ended up coming home after about 20 minutes because her friends had to leave, but I was glad that she was able to make it work.


I decided that I was going to get Campbell set up with a painting project and to my surprise, Rowen wanted to join in. We came up with the plan to do something Valentine related, and hopped on Google images to come up with a plan that sounded fun. Finley came home while we were in the process of transferring our image onto the canvas, so she jumped right in and now I have three fantastic pictures ready to hang!





Speaking of what we’re doing when we have nothing to do, we’ve been playing in the vast amounts of snow we have everywhere

Right now, the leash is necessary when Franklin is outside with us because he has a habit of climbing on top of the feet of snow we have in the yard, and walking around to where we can’t physically reach him! I’ve had one too many time of having to wade hip-deep in the snow in my slippers. Not again…

When temperatures reach above zero, it feels like a heatwave to the kids that are born and raised here.


Anyone remember granny apple dolls? Rowen asked to carve into a potato while I was making dinner the other night. I told him about the granny apple dolls I used to make in my elementary art classes and he promptly began working on another face, using an apple. Lucky for him, the potato was absolutely gross the day after, and the apple was just drying out, doing it’s thing. The potato promptly went into the trash and the apple will waiting another week or so until we can give it a body and some granny hair.





It’s been cold, folks. Like seriously, cold.


We are usually one of the top five coldest towns in the America, and this year is no different. Although the coldest I was able to document was last year. This was taken on a morning that we were heading up to ski…





I went to my annual dermatology appointment yesterday and I’m so very happy to report that I am all clear! As I age, I’m really starting to get hit with the reality that I’m not invincible, and living so high up in altitude really takes a toll on our skin. We’ve had some minor scares that were caught early, but I still lived to burn while I was growing up – before anyone thought twice about sunscreen and sun protection.


I take skin care very seriously now, I hope that my kids grow up with high respect for the sun. Finley’s class with cross-country skiing last week, and although I packed sunscreen and sunglasses in her bag, and although she applied sunscreen, she still choose to not wear her sunglasses for part of the day. Her eyes (around her eyes, and her actual eyes) were completely sunburned when she got home… red, swollen, the whole works.


She wanted to stay home the next day because she was quite embarrassed as to how she looked, but I suggested that she just tell everyone that her burn was a good reminder to keep your sunglasses on, and that sun protection is serious.


She is feeling (and looking) much better now, and I hope that will be the last time she plays out in the sun without some sort of eye protection.


And the other thing that was great about my appointment? I drove 70 miles away from my town, and was able to see the ground. Not layers upon layers of snow, but the ground. It was like a whole new world that we won’t see locally for months… and months… and months…


Oh, and I got to walk through Target. People, I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Target and no snow? It was Heaven…





And we can’t have a post without mentioning this little guy. He had his first round of vaccinations with your local vet last Friday. Two more weeks until he will be fully vaccinated, and can start playing with other dogs! That’s very exciting!


We have been cautioned by our vet (who I adore!) to really keep him away from other dogs until he is fully up-to-date on his shots, especially in our town, since so many people do not vaccinate. We also don’t know anyone currently that has a puppy his age (he can play with other puppies his age right now), so I’m just waiting patiently until next Friday.


Then bring. on. all. the. dogs.


friday favorites #9

January 27, 2017



Happy Friday! I’m late, as usual… but I am linking up with Erika, ShayAndrea and Narci, Karlie, and Amy, while sharing my favorite things from this week.




I am so proud that I’ve consistently kept up with posts all month. That is a big accomplishment for me, and I’m working hard at scheduling my posts in advanced, so I’m not trying to write something up the night before it should be posted. (Ahem, let’s not talk about this post being finalized at 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday…)


Although, I feel like I slacked in regular blog posts that weren’t not linkups. I think that will be my focus for next month – working on scheduling my own posts, that aren’t based on someone else’s planned day of the week or month. However, I do like to keep up with linkups; it gives me a slight chance that someone new will come across my blog, and it also helps give me a clear goal and a bit of inspiration.


How do you schedule your posts for a month?





I’m back.


At the gym.


This is a huge accomplishment for me as my shoulder surgery recovery has been much longer and more difficult than I expected. Of course, the tears were much worse than initially thought and the surgery was much longer and more invasive than planned.


That being said, I’m finally able to use bands and light weights, and felt like it was time for me to get back. I can’t actually do much with my shoulder, apart from my typical physical therapy routine, but I’m getting back running and the gym owner set me up with a leg and back circuit that I am going to start using for now. I always feel a bit lost if I can’t heavy lift free weights, so having something to follow will be helpful.





This little guy is getting to be not so little. He is currently nine weeks old, comes to pick up the kids from school each day, and they are always so excited to see him!



  • Is starting to work on walking on the leash. He loves to hold it in his mouth as he walks, and only occasionally tries play tug-o-war.
  • He had is first round of shots this morning.
  • He currently weighs 18 pounds.
  • Is crate-training at night, but sleeps a solid six hours without needing to go outside. Win!!




I finally took time to watch this:


Because funny is always welcome, no matter which way you lean.




I have nothing on the weekend schedule for once. Nothing.


Nuh. Thing.


Well, except for ski team.


And watching The Eagle Huntress tonight with friends and family.


Have you heard of it? I’m so excited.