101 things.

  1. I have no sense of direction.
  2. Literally and figuratively.
  3. I’m an only child and find myself being in awe of my children’s relationships with each other.
  4. It’s terrifying at times because growing up, I only had myself to process the good, bad, and ugly of my family. They have each other to talk about and analyze us behind closed doors.
  5. I wish that I was a professional photographer.
  6. I’d photograph births, lifestyle family portraits (no matchy-matchy outfits for me!), and do photo journalistic editorials on the side.
  7.  I love coffee and rush home after the gym in the morning to get a cup… even before it’s finished brewing.
  8. My husband HATES it when I pour myself a cup of coffee before it’s finished brewing, but I do it anyway.
  9. I became a strict vegetarian when I was 15 for completely ethical reasons.
  10. I’m 37 and our family just switched to a mostly paleo diet.
  11. It took me about 6 months of internal dialogue and quiet soul searching before I could decide to have my family make the switch.
  12. I read blogs like some people use Pinterest. I’m addicted to those things that I will never actually do, and waste a lot of time dreaming about them.
  13. I have a terrible self-image and struggle with body image more than anyone in my life completely realizes.
  14. I’m on a roller derby team.
  15. I love it, but wish I was better.
  16. I wasn’t good at or focused on anything extra-curricular growing up.
  17. Because of that, I don’t have anything I’m really good at now.
  18. I make my kids participate in lots of different activities so they can find something they are passionate about.
  19. I want my kids to be REALLY good at at least one kind of sport-related activity.
  20. Reading in a dark, quiet room is one of my favorite things to do in the evening.
  21. Reality television is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  22. I wake up so early in the morning, I rarely have time to watching any television in the evenings.
  23. I go to bed around the same time my kids do.
  24. I read for hours until I actually fall asleep.
  25. My father has no interest in me or has ever met my children.
  26. Since becoming a mother, I cannot understand how a parent could walk away and pretend that part of their life never existed.
  27. I wouldn’t allow him to come back into my life if he ever did decide to try.
  28. My favorite colors are green and blue.
  29. My closet consists of mostly black.
  30. I hate being late and it stresses me out.
  31. My husband purposely slows when I’m in a rush.
  32. (the above isn’t about me, but I feel the need to point it out)
  33. My husband and I met at a college party when he was 18 and I was 19.
  34. I came to the party with a guy I was casually ‘dating’ after a bad breakup.
  35. I left with my husband and drove the other guy to his brother’s house.
  36. We’ve been together ever since.
  37. We didn’t get married until almost 10 years after we met.
  38. The clock in my car is set five minutes fast. The microwave clock is set seven minutes fast. The only wall clock in our house is set 10 minutes fast. My alarm clock is set 12 minutes fast.
  39. All on purpose.
  40. I love babies. I would have another one without a second thought.
  41. I love the ages my kids are now and often think about how a new baby would impact our family lifestyle that we are all getting used to with the kids growing up.
  42. I’m scared of my kids growing up.
  43. I’m terrified of teenagers and middle schoolers.
  44. Walking around large metropolis cities give me panic attacks.
  45. Making this list makes realize how strange I really am.
  46. I daydream about just packing up and moving to the San Juan islands.
  47. I’ve never been to the San Juan islands.
  48. I long for a home of my own that is as big and as nice as my friend’s homes.
  49. I admit that I am envious of my friend’s homes and the homes of my kid’s friends.
  50. I know that I should be grateful of what I DO have… but I still wish for many things that I don’t have…
  51. My husband builds multi-million dollar homes.
  52. We live in a rundown rental built in the 1800s.
  53. I want to be a farmer on a small homestead, tending to dairy goats, chickens, and growing our own food.
  54. I want to live in a subdivision with paved roads and sidewalks with a big house that looks like every other house.
  55. I’m a walking contradiction and it irritates my husband that I change my mind about things so easily.
  56. I love jam bands and am still a hippie at heart.
  57. My husband is no longer a hippie.
  58. I miss going to concerts.
  59. I never turn Sirius off of Jam On.
  60. My husbands turns it to Outlaw Country when he’s driving it by himself.
  61. I hate country music.
  62. I love old school punk and hip hop.
  63. I’ve seen GWAR, Pink Floyd, and Sex Pistols in concert.
  64. I wish that I could play an instrument. Well.
  65. I wish my parents forced me to learn to play the piano (or violin) when I was a child.
  66. I love cheese.
  67. I love pizza.
  68. I shouldn’t eat gluten or dairy.
  69. I had to stop here for a week because I was running out of things to add.
  70. My favorite season is fall.
  71. Anytime I can wear sweatshirts/sweaters/zip-up hoodies with capri pants, I’m in heaven.
  72. I love to snowboard.
  73. I tore my MCL last season on a green run while on skis for the first time since junior high.
  74. I love riding double-black diamond runs but am too afraid to do any backcountry.
  75. I am completely obsessed with Eminem. Seriously. I listen to nothing else while I’m at the gym.
  76. I listen to Eminem while I’m cooking dinner if the kids are in the living room where they can’t hear it.
  77. I have an edited playlist of some Eminem songs that I listen to with the kids. Finley’s favorite song is Business
  78. Rowen has the clean version of Phenomenal on his iPad because my musical tastes have rubbed off.

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