five friday favorites. #6 {links}

January 29, 2016

fivefridayfavoritesFriday Favorites 01



Here we go with the best of the best of things I’ve found and loved on the www-net and in my life… Make sure to link up with your own Five Friday Favorties post and share the love! I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals as well for their Friday Favorites run as well as with September F A R M for her Oh Hey, Friday run!

Make sure to link up below with your favorites!


  1. This sweater.


I love this sweater. I happened to find it on a great Amazon sale, so keep your eye out. The material is soft, mid-weight, and hangs beautifully. I love a bright tank peeking out from underneath, and would wear it daily if I didn’t think people would start to notice…


2. My Fitness Pal.


I’m back on the wagon, and when I can get in a good groove for logging my exercise and meals, it really helps keep my on track. I have it linked with Map My Fitness and UA Record apps on my phone to make it very easy to keep track of lots of things in one place. I like Map My Fitness to track my running miles, and the UA Record app is just a nice visual of your overall day. I really try and streamline how I keep all of my data together so it doesn’t get overwhelming, but I’ve learned that you figure out what works best for you.

My month so far in distance is 34 miles with an average speed of 9.77. That’s pretty good for only running before and/or after my regular weekly classes. I’ve been getting in one long-ish run (6-7 miles) one day a week and then some smaller runs on the other days. I’m NOT a runner so I’m pretty proud of this. I used to dread even having to run a mile and now I can knock out 3 miles as a warm up or cool down. Hooray, me!


3. Wentworth.


I already said it on my What’s Up Wednesday post, but I am loving the Australian drama, Wentworth. You can stream it on Netflix. If you like OITNB, you’ll love Wentworth. There are currently four seasons, so I’m late to the party, but it’s been great to watch! I feel like I’ve been missing some important parts while I watch it AND try and get other things accomplished. I might start Season 2 all over again to really get what’s going on.


4. Mix and Match Family blog.


Sometimes I randomly come across a blog that speaks to me. I find myself checking in daily to see what’s new; I find myself reading back in the archives to see what had happened. For some reason, Mix and Match Family really has gotten my attention. Perhaps I appreciate that she is just pouring her day-to-day life out, without stressing about her image or the perfectness of her posts. I’m drawn to blogs that invite you in in a very personable way and this one does that for me. I was originally interested in her recent adoption story and now enjoy following their story.


5. What Alice Forgot.


What a fantastic book! This was a gateway book into Liane Moriarty, and I recently finished every book that she wrote. I felt a little lost afterwards because I was enjoying her words and style so much. Any similar authors you recommend?

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what’s up {wednesday} | link-up

January 27, 2016




What’s up, Wednesday?


Happy mid-week, everyone. This week got the best of me, but I decided to try and get my act together to play along.


WUWquestions edit


{what we’re eating}

I’m back on track this week with my ‘get-your-act-together-and-stop-eating-like-shit-so-you-don’t-weigh-8,000-pounds-anymore’ diet. I’ve struggled for years forever with my weight, had a really good period of getting back down to a respectable weight for my body type and athletic build, but let that all go by the wayside, and now am back at it, trying to shed all that I regained. Portions and calories in/out don’t work for me… likely due to years of treating my body pretty badly. A trainer I had a couple of years ago was amazed at how my weight wouldn’t budge with consistent exercise and moderate healthy eating. But once I eliminated most everything, the weight came off fairly steadily.

I fall off the wagon easily. I’m an all-or-nothing sort of girl, as I have no self-control. It’s easier to just avoid most everything than to use moderation. I have some bad reactions to many food groups, and I try to remind myself that I feel so much better when I DON’T eat certain things. They sure feel good at the first bite, but I feel absolutely lousy once I eat it. I often allow the taste to outweigh the after-effects, but I’m trying.

Our kid activities are starting back up after the holidays, and so I’m always looking for easy meals that are either simple to prepare or can be crock-potted. While I stick with baked chicken, cucumbers, and lettuce, my family still enjoys kid-friendly semi-Paleo meals, with a huge emphasis on clean-eating.

Tonight, we are having crock-pot beef stew – a variation on this.



{what I’m reminiscing about}

This little peanut…


… who celebrated her SIXTH birthday last Wednesday. I miss that newborn smell, those little hands snuggling on my chest. She’s grown into an amazing little girl, but I’d have another baby in a heartbeat…



{what I’m loving}

IMG_3968 IMG_3975

These two girlies rocking the mountain this year! These 6- and 8-year olds are killing it on the single black diamond runs. We’ve been taking one or two family runs after Cruisers is over for the day and have been pushing Finley and Campbell a bit out of their comfort zones. Campbell doesn’t exactly LOVE IT, and the steepness of the beginning of run has made her pretty nervous, but her turns are beautiful and solid. Finley is a bump girl after my own heart, and I’m having so much fun watching them progress!



{what we’ve been up to}

Winding down the Christmas holiday and gearing up for Campbell’s birthday! I’m so thankful that I have about a month between them; I can’t imagine what it takes to prepare for those kiddos who have birthdays super close or on Christmas! I’ve learned that I have to switch gears the week after Christmas and get my act together to start planning and ordering stuff.

Campbell’s party was held over the long weekend, on Martin Luther King Day. We rented out the community room lovingly known as ‘the rubber room.’ It was a kitty theme with an ice cream sundae bar. I’ll hopefully get a full post on that special day soon, but here’s a sneak peak.

WP_20160118_006-2 WP_20160118_003-2 WP_20160118_002-2 IMG_20160118_115715873-2 IMG_6610 IMG_6603 IMG_6596 IMG_6614



{what I’m dreading}


Another month of bitter cold. Usually making it through January helps us realize that we might actually survive the winter. February often provides some great snowstorms, which not only gives us some awesome powder days, but warms up the valley.

I don’t really mind the cold, but I’ll take a lot more snow!



{what I’m working on}



My 365 project. Actually, it’ll be a 366 this year, but that just sounds so odd, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’ve never actually completed a full 365 project, and I’m kind of determined to see it through. I’m looking forward to making a photo book at the end of the year that showcases just those photos.


1_366 2_366 3_366 4_366 5_366 6_366 7_366 8_366


You can follow my year here and here. They are terribly outdated as of today, but I have lots of photos to download!



{what I’m excited about}

This might be a cop-out, but I really excited about my focus and plan for my blog and my photo organization. I’m hoping to see an increase in my weekly blogging, and each month, I am determined to get photos uploaded to a yearly photo book to make printing it out at the end of the year less overwhelming. I’m actually feeling pretty ready to get January ready to go!



{what I’m watching\reading}

Oh. My.

I’m not a big television person, mostly due to the fact that I am lame and have the same bedtime as my kiddos because I wake up early to get to the gym around 5am. On the two days per week that I do stay up past 9pm late, I usually never make it past turning it from TLC, Discovery, or my DVRd Top Chef episode. Lazy.

However, I am a fan of lots of tv series, although I’m usually late to the game. The good thing about jumping on the bandwagon is that there are lots of episodes to get through, without having to watch one a week. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and American Horror Story are four of my top favorites that we have really gotten into. I am waiting patiently for the new season of TWD (we are currently caught up and watch it episode by episode now as it comes out), and for AHS to get the last season (Hotel) on Amazon instant streaming (so we can binge watch it).

I also love Orange is the New Black (and waiting patiently as well for the new season) and for some reason started watching a similar series, based in Australia. I started streaming it on a whim, needing something to listen to while I was cooking for Campbell’s birthday party. I now bring my kid’s iPads around the house with me, so I can keep watching the episodes, no matter what I’m doing. Like now, I’m blogging AND watching…





I’m completely and totally hooked.

A little more drama than OITNB, but the same sort of setting. Why do we love women prison shows so much? I’m streaming it on Netflix and an very thankful that there are 4 seasons so far!! I’m in the early stages of season 2, so my anxiety won’t have to spike while feeling as though I’m nearing the end.

So good.

Moving on to reading…





While I might head to bed around 8pm, I snuggle up and read until I fall asleep. Luckily that gives me time to get my reading in. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and try and limit myself to their books… otherwise I can’t imagine the amount of money I would spend on books, especially ones from my favorite authors. I do splurge once in awhile, but try and even out my reading material with my $9.99 montly “unlimited” charge.

I read The Good Neighbor recently, and Broken Grace ended up as a recommendation for me from Kindle after I finished. I really enjoyed that one, and ended up choosing her other book, The Green Line. I’m not so much a book reviewer, but I will say that I recommend both of these! I was a bit nervous about diving into The Short Drop, as it has more of a political storyline than I usually choose, but a few chapters in and I’m connected with the characters, excited about the story line, and happy to pick it up each night.


{what I’m listening to}






Lately I’ve been stuck on MMLP2, but Slim Shady is all that is on my playlist at the gym… in my car… while I’m cooking dinner…

{what I’m wearing}

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. I live in gym capris and hoodies. A fashion blogger I. Am. Not.


{what I’m doing this weekend}

IMG_3960 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3975

What we do everyone weekend from November through April… ski.



{what I’m looking forward to next month}
20150214-valentines-027 20150214-valentines-010 20150214-valentines-004

We love Valentine’s Day around here! (Look at that snaggle-toothed Finley from last year!) It’s also the month of my 39th 25th birthday, but I try and let that slip by a silently as possible…


{what else is new}

The fact that I’m actually posting something on my blog?

No, January pretty much is all about Campbell and skiing, and I think I posted enough about those.

We did get to enjoy some time with Greg’s family since they came to join us for Campbell’s birthday celebration weekend.

IMG_3923 IMG_3932

Dinner at Donita’s with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Rebecca after a full day of skiing.


WP_20160117_016-2 WP_20160117_006-2 IMG_3945

Dinner at Blue Table Grill with Uncle Andrew, Aunt Debra, Grandma D, and Grandpa D after Jim and Donna arrived the night before Campbell’s party. Campbell was treated to her special Six-Year-Old-Birthday-Trip-With-Grandma-and-Grandpa-D present while we were there. Each grandkiddo gets to take a special trip with Jim and Donna during the summer they are six. Campbell got her Disneyland invitation and now let the count-down begin!



Spending the morning relaxing while I got the birthday party room ready to go!



Family photo after the birthday guests left the party!



Dinner at High Alpine Brewery. Greg has a tab there from doing some work during their build. We hadn’t found the time to actually go eat there until just now. Their pizzas are super yummy!!



Fourth tooth lost!


IMG_6734 IMG_6738

Sunday play dates with friends and hot chocolate.



The fourth graders began their ski days up at the mountain during school. This lucky guy gets to ski one day a week for a month. His smile is totally infectious while getting to do this on the walk to school. His thoughts after the first day of skiing? “It was my best day of school. Ever.”



The bug had hit our house this month. First Finley (who got the worst of it), then Rowen, and then Campbell. We are thankful it was relatively quick and everyone seems to be on the mend!



We’re back at the goat ranch. Kit is due with her baby (babies?) mid-February. I’m excited to snuggle with some baby goats!


{happy} new year | 2016

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!


Happy 2016!


No look back at my top posts of 2015. No spectacular images of our wild New Years Eve party (which, by the way, didn’t exist). No well-thought-out post of my 2016 goals.


I didn’t do so well keeping up with my blog after resurrecting it in 2015. I had good intentions, but life got in the way.


Life gets in the way of a lot of things.


But that’s the thing… life getting in the way is a GOOD thing.


A thing that focuses my time.


A thing that envelopes my energy.


My kids are my thing.


My family is my thing.


I’m learning to be present in the moment and not think about taking pictures for a blog post.


I’m learning to take full advantage of the time the kids are in school to finish chores around the house, to be present when they get home, instead of working on editing pictures and scheduling posts.


But at the same time, I’m a bit sad that I can’t seem to find the balance to do both. I long for a blog that I have pictured in me head. I yearn for a project goal to be seen through completion. I imagine falling into bed at night, feeling accomplished at the mommy part… and the self parts of my life.


I’m enjoying so many things, but still working and refining on documenting it in some way that works for me.


I have great things planned for 2016. I hope to journal the story and the process, and allow someone else the pleasure of discovering someone else’s blog that becomes like a little piece of their home; a joy to look forward to, and a bit of anticipation at what lies ahead.


I hope I’m able to invite you along on the journey…



{christmas} 2015

December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas!


Seriously, how can each Christmas be










I am so lucky to have my house full with my amazing family. I relish the simple traditions that we have created as the years go by. Years that find us in different stages of our lives, sometimes in different houses.


It’s important to me that our kids spend Christmas morning in their own home, as just a family. It’s important to me that we sleep in for as long as humanly possible. It’s important to me that


And I’ll be damned if someone walks downstairs to see the tree before everyone goes down together…


Being too lazy to find a creative solution to no fireplace mantle, in addition to the fact that our asbestos-filled walls (just kidding, sort of, not really) make it tough to hammer in a nail that will actually stay in place instead of sheering off sheets of drywall mud, we have decided that the best place for Santa to find our stocking are on the steps of the stairs. “They don’t have to be hung up,” I remind everyone. “Santa doesn’t mind bending over.”


Finley wonders about the creaking of the third step and if that will wake us up when he walks up to get the highest stocking. I wonder about her brilliant ability and early planning to sneak out of the house when she is a teenager.


We put faith in the fact that Santa will know what do do with empty, deflated stocking laying limply on the stairs, and I enjoy the image of my children waiting patiently at the top of the steps, gathering the whole family before stepping carefully down the stairs on Christmas morning to collect their stockings.


In actuality, I finally got up after getting sick of the stomping and yelling. They had already been down to their stockings, much of the goodies strewn around on each step.





The annual picture with their stockings in front of the tree.

20151225-IMG_6368 20151225-IMG_6372


I usually try to get a pictures of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve before I head off to bed. Did I forget this time? An early-morning shot will do the trick…

20151225-IMG_6375 20151225-IMG_6378 20151225-IMG_6380 20151225-IMG_6385 20151225-IMG_6392


I love how important it is for the kiddos to get AND MAKE gifts for each other. The tree was filled with homemade gifts that they made for each other throughout the month. We also made sure that they all had the opportunity to go and pick out something special for one another. It was a trip that they took very seriously, and were able to find some great, inexpensive gifts that were just perfect for the receiver!



The year of Shopkins. Be thankful if your kid doesn’t know what they are. In all honesty, this would have been exactly what I would have wanted at their age, so I can see the novelty. They have been played with exactly 57,356 times since getting them, so I suppose it was a good choice.


I have only stepped on 1,228 of them.

20151225-IMG_6396 20151225-IMG_6399 20151225-IMG_6400 20151225-IMG_6405 20151225-IMG_6412


My little ripper got a skateboard. He’s been having to borrow a friend’s when they skate around after school, so I’m happy for him to have one that is his size.



Finley’s 2015 Christmas List:

  1. An American Girl Doll.
  2. Heeley’s
  3. A cell phone.

You go girl… enjoy those Heeley’s…

20151225-IMG_6428 20151225-IMG_6430


Trying out the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans that they got in their stocking. Seriously… the rotten egg one made Campbell puke. Rowen decided that soap tastes awesome, Greg actually tried the grass flavored one, but I couldn’t convince anyone to try the vomit one! I found all the boxes in the trash… they may be kids, but they aren’t stupid.




After opening all of the presents, we ate a late breakfast and spent some time prepping for our turkey dinner. The kids played with some of their presents and then we sent them upstairs to put some of their stuff away. We needed the excuse to get them out of the living room to make way for their last big gifts…

20151225-IMG_6441 20151225-IMG_6444 20151225-IMG_6459 20151225-IMG_6465 20151225-IMG_6468 20151225-IMG_6474 20151225-IMG_6483 20151225-IMG_6485 20151225-IMG_6488 20151225-IMG_6489 20151225-IMG_6492 20151225-IMG_6496 20151225-IMG_6497 20151225-IMG_6500 20151225-IMG_6503


The fat bike and American girl dolls were a highlight ending to a wonderful day. I think all three were blown away with actually receiving those presents, and it was fun to make it an even bigger surprise. I remember as a kid, my mom would know that I always opened the largest box last. There was a certain bit of disappointment when I finally got to it, knowing that the ‘opening presents’ part of Christmas was soon to be over. My mom would always box up tons of smaller, wrapped presents in that last big box, so it was almost like a all-new, mini-Christmas once that box was opened!


I felt like I was giving them a little bit of that special Christmas magic that my mom gave to me when I was little.


Being inside on Christmas day usually only lasts for so long until we just have to get ourselves out of the house. This year, however, the day flew by and it was soon time to open the wine and get the turkey in the oven. We cuddled and laughed, played and read. We ate till our stomachs were uncomfortably full, but the turkey was just so. damn. good. We ended the late night by somehow (more wine) flipping through years and years of the 89,556,256 pictures on my computer. Looking at the birth photos of all three of my babies made for an amazing ending to an amazing day.


Merry Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

{merry christmas} to all…

December 24, 2015


… and to all a good night.


20151224-IMG_3794 20151224-IMG_3807 20151224-IMG_3810


christmas eve: 2015

December 24, 2015


I’m not a big chairlift selfie-taking person, but getting to ride a bit with my oldest was pretty special! We decided to spend Christmas Eve day up on the mountain.


It was cold.


I usually never get as cold as everyone else, but I also wear enough layers to make the little brother in A Christmas Story look like he’s in his bathing suit. I would much rather be too hot than too cold during a day of snowboarding, but my family doesn’t subscribe to that belief system. Despite all of our many layers, it still never reached above 7° the whole day, and fingers and toes just got too cold to stay in a good mood.


Rowen and I got some good runs in together. I tried to take lots of pictures and video, but my phone stopped working for some reason, right in the beginning of the day. I was able to record a partial video of his 180° in the terrain park (with a clumsy fall on a rail, so I think he would prefer if I didn’t broadcast that one) and a small cat-track jump during our warm-up run. I’ve got nothing else to show for that day, except for the memory of a half-day skiing with my little ripper. He was bummed that we weren’t able to get more video, but I reminded him that it just meant we needed to go skiing together again! Being on the ski team, he doesn’t get to ski with us very often. We are trying to make a point to get out for the last hour of the day together, with little sisters too, to get a couple of family runs in each week.


We ended the day in tears (not me, although dealing with crying and grumpy children can almost bring me to tears), and it was a quiet ride back to the house. We all shook off the first part of the day, and settled in for a cozy Christmas Eve.


Seeing as how our day was spent NOT in the kitchen, we decided to keep it simple for Christmas Eve dinner: snacks. This is everyone’s favorite kind of dinner, and tonight didn’t disappoint. We made it even more exciting for the kidlets by eating at the coffee table, which usually only happens on lazy nights when daddy isn’t home!


20151224-IMG_6281 20151224-IMG_6282 20151224-IMG_6284 20151224-IMG_6285


I just have to show off Finley and Campbell’s reindeer portraits. They painted these with a couple of friends that came over for the day during break. Can you guess whose is whose?




Moving on.


Reindeer Food has been a Christmas tradition for the last few years. We usually have the Frymoyers over to make it with us, but this year Nolan was sick, and so we brought a whole Reindeer Food set-up over to their house for them to do on their own.


I love that all my kids get so excited for this tradition. You can’t beat getting to mix and match your own individual creations. Food, glitter, spoons, and jars are a perfect combination for creative fun. I always make so much that they get to make a jar, go dump it outside, and then come back in to do it again… and again… and again.


I used pretty small glass jars this year. It made for a lot of trips in and out of the house. I think that was actually part of the fun for everyone, but you might want to rethink that if lots of snowy boot prints aren’t your idea of a good time. If you were making these at a party, to be sprinkled outside at a later date, this size would work great. It allows for a lot of people to make their own, without needed a huge amount of ingredients.


We keep our Reindeer Food plan and ingredients pretty consistent throughout the years, but this is a good place for inspiration. She also has printable ingredient labels that are helpful with inspiring your own concoctions, but you can also just print and use them as is!


20151224-IMG_6289 20151224-IMG_6290 20151224-IMG_6291 20151224-IMG_6294 20151224-IMG_6295 20151224-IMG_6297 20151224-IMG_6299 20151224-IMG_6304 20151224-IMG_6306 20151224-IMG_6308 20151224-IMG_6309 20151224-IMG_6310 20151224-IMG_6312 20151224-IMG_6315 20151224-IMG_6317 20151224-IMG_6319 20151224-IMG_6320 20151224-IMG_6323 20151224-IMG_6325 20151224-IMG_6326 20151224-IMG_6329 20151224-IMG_6334 20151224-IMG_6337 20151224-IMG_6339 20151224-IMG_6342 20151224-IMG_6344 20151224-IMG_6345 20151224-IMG_6346 20151224-IMG_6347 20151224-IMG_6348 20151224-IMG_6349 20151224-IMG_6351 20151224-IMG_6352 20151224-IMG_6353 20151224-IMG_6358 20151224-IMG_6359 20151224-IMG_6360



five friday favorites. #5 {links}

November 13, 2015



Here we go with the best of the best of things I’ve found and loved on the www-net and in my life… Make sure to link up with your own FFF post and share the love!


  1. My bike.


20150706-fibergoatshow-003 20150720-IMG_225920150728-IMG_2309

20150824-IMG_2520 20151015-IMG_3285 20150824-IMG_2499


Oh, my bike. Seriously, I love you. More than peanut butter and more than pizza. Probably not as much as coffee, but definitely more than apples.


This beauty came into my life last Fourth of July. I was 18 the last time I seriously rode a mountain bike that wasn’t as a townie to tool around town. I crashed and crashed hard… I never got back up. Mountain biking as always my husband’s thing. Something “he” did through all these years. But my gym buddy started transitioning from road biking to mountain biking, and I quickly decided that I couldn’t let her go out without me!


Greg was more than happy to buy me a fancy-schmancy new bike, but I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t a bit apprehensive that it would sit in the shed, unused after dropping some serious cash.


I’m happy to report he was completely wrong. We ride at least once a week, and living in the best place for some serious mountain biking right out our backyard, we ride hard. Getting back on a bike as I’m nearing 40 (40!) has been great for me. I really enjoy the challenge of having to keep so many different things working together.  My brain and body get a serious workout! I’m getting faster and faster on my technical downhills, and can often clear the technical uphills that I couldn’t the week before. I have hit somewhat of a mental block after riding a double-black diamond trail where I took a scary fall. I was okay, but I have been having a more difficult time charging some obstacles that I would otherwise do without thinking twice. I’ll get back to where I was soon enough. I promise myself.


2. Healthy eating. ‘Nuff said. Maybe someday I’ll add to that thought. What’s your favorite go-to meal for your family? Not so much for the recipes, but she is very inspiring at living a healthy, mindful life.


3. All of the many bloggers regular Friday posts about their favorites!

Call it what you like, but so many bloggers out there do some sort of Friday Favorite post. I have tried in the past to link up to many, but sometimes it is just overwhelming. I don’t have the Five Friday Favorite following that many regulars do, but I just enjoy keeping track of the neat things I find and do along the week days.

Some that I’m currently keeping up with?

Oh Hey, Friday – The Farmer’s Wife

Five For Friday – All Things Big and Small

Friday Favorites – My Food and Fitness Diaries

Friday Favorites – Mix and Match Family

Things I’m Loving Friday – Peanut Butter Fingers


4. The accurate depiction of me during Daylights Savings Time…


While Daylight Savings Time is in no way a favorite of mine (either direction), I smiled when this picture came through (four thousand times) on my facebook newsfeed. I am STILL being affected like this. I’m ready for bed at 6pm and struggle to wake up at my typical time of 5am for the gym. I’ve taken two days off from the gym this week due to just not being able to wake up when my alarm goes off. How has it affected you?


5. Ski season!


Ummm… yes… this is November 6. Almost a foot of snow, 8″ in the last 24 hours. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this season. The kiddos have their equipment rented, ski passes are hanging in the front hall, and now it’s just a countdown until Opening Day.

Both girls are in Cruisers again this year, and Rowen will be on the Mountain Sports Team. The MST is a little intimidating for all of us, but he needs the push. He’s excited about some big mountain skiing, and a little scared of any course racing they might be doing. I’m excited for him to increase his skill level and confidence. Greg’s excited for him to not be bored.

We are so very lucky that this is a regular part of our children’s lives.


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moab. {part 1}

October 26, 2015

20150905-moab-1 20150905-moab-2


Our Labor Day camping trip to Yankee Boy Wilderness outside of Ouray, changed to… oh… Moab by a simple right hand turn. We knew rain and cold weather was on the menu for the weekend, but as we drove closer and closer to Ouray, and it was getting darker and darker, we made a split-second decision at 8pm to add an extra four hours of driving to head to Moab.


After eating our fill here.


Hello, pork belly tacos. Nice to see you.


Driving into Moab at midnight wasn’t the best scenario for finding a secluded camping spot, so we grabbed one of the few hotel rooms left in town, and settled in to a quick sleep. We ended up with a fantastic price for a suite, but didn’t even get a chance to really enjoy it!


Waking up to the sandstone cliffs was a special treat, though, and set the tone of excitement for the day ahead.


20150905-moab-3 20150905-moab-4 20150905-moab-5 20150905-moab-6 20150905-moab-7 20150905-moab-8 20150905-moab-9 20150905-moab-10 20150905-moab-11 20150905-moab-12 20150905-moab-13 20150905-moab-14 20150905-moab-15 20150905-moab-16 20150905-moab-17 20150905-moab-18 20150905-moab-19 20150905-moab-20


Our plan was to find a veeeeeeeery remote camping spot. There’s something magical about not seeing anyone during an entire long weekend.


Magical, I tell ya…


Finding said perfect spot was not an easy feat. Heavy rain and thunderstorms the night before washed a lot of roads out. They weren’t completely impassable, but just dicey enough to make us think twice before attempting it with our big ol’ truck and bike rack. During our hours and hours of exploring, we kept driving and turning around because we just KNEW there was a better campsite if we would just. keep. looking.


I have a heck of a time making up my mind about pretty much anything. Put me in charge of the ideal camping spot, and you might as well settle in for a long drive.


But we found it. Tucked back in the brush and rock outcroppings near an amazing overlook to the valley floor, we came to the very end of a tiny little road. The absence of tire tracks told us that it hadn’t been visited in a long time, and hopefully wouldn’t be during our time there. It was getting late in the afternoon, so we quickly got everything set up, had a late lunch right out of the cooler, and then walked back up the road to the overlook to take a look around.


The canyons and mesas of Moab are a magical place. Making you feel as if you were the first person to walk in these areas, the overlooks are breathtaking. The sandstone rocks are perfect for low-height kiddie bouldering, while reminding them of why sandstone isn’t the safest thing to rock climb on.


Although some people do it.


Small homes for small critters carved into rock faces gave way to exploring. Natural sandboxes behind juniper bushes invited bare feet and sandcastle building. The short hike presented a late afternoon of just enjoying each other’s company, getting out some pent up energy from the long drive, and scouting a potential bike path.


Up next… Moab {part 1.5}



five friday favorites. #4 {links}

October 23, 2015


Well, hello there Friday.


We haven’t done this in awhile.


  1. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

Ummm, you guys. This. Is. Awesome. The service has been around for a loooong time, but hey, I’m still rocking yoga pants and button-up plaid shirts. I’m not exactly the poster child of fashion.

Regardless, I am so intrigued by this idea. I’ve been scouring blogs with Stitch Fix reviews and hovering my finger over the ‘schedule my fix’ button on their website. I haven’t made the plunge yet, but am. so. close.

Have you had a fix yet?


2. Other ‘Friday Favorites’ blog posts!

I love checking out other collections of neat things floating around the ww-net, such as those from…

Skinny Meg

peanut butter fingers

All the Joys

anderson + grant

{the farmer’s wife}


3.  Sideways Stories From Wayside School.sidewaysstories

Who remembers this book from their childhood? This was one of my absolute favorites and I read and re-read it more times than I could count. We somehow ended up with the third book in the series, “Sideways School Gets a Little Stranger,” and as much as it kills me to read a series out of order, the girls and I snuggled up to this book at bedtime and recently finished it. Even Rowen came in and joined us, just to re-hear the stories that he had already read… more than once.

I tried to find the first book at the library, and Rowen tried at the school library, but no luck – it was always checked out. Since I loved the series so much, I decided to just buy the box set and (after Rowen read the whole book one evening) we have just started getting to know the characters. Finley has been reading the chapters to herself, but we started from the beginning at bedtime, so that Campbell can be a part of it all.


4. Simple and easy dinner meals.

I’ve been living by the crockpot lately, as after-school activities put us home just too late to start rummaging in the fridge at 6:30. The weather has turned to welcome the slow-cooker with open arms, and I’m happy to get dinner out of the way by mid-morning.

  • Crock pot chocolate chili (I loosely follow this recipe, but always add tons of veggie)
  • eMeals Clean Eating slow cooker recipes – While I don’t use this entire meal planning site (that perhaps is another post all by itself) anymore, I still subscribe to the Slow Cooker Clean Eating plan until it expires. I still check out the weekly meal plans and pick and choose some of the recipes that sounds delicious. Some really great dinners have come from this inspiration.
  • Crock pot pork roast – Pretty much any time you put a pork roast (or tenderloin) in the crock pot and add some soy sauce, it’s delicious. I can eat it plain, in a train, in the rain…


5. Crayons, open scissors, and a hot iron.

OMG people, I was searching the internet for a link that I could add, and I totally forgot that using a pencil sharpener was the typical way to get shavings! Leave it to the mom of three to suggest a cheese grater as well as an open pair of scissors (and even daddy’s pocket knife). Safety all the way, that’s what I always say.

So anyway, this craft has been on the back burner for a long time. Meaning, I happen to mention it during one of my bribing sessions, and Finley hasn’t let up about actually doing it. She would usually ask me with three minutes to go until bedtime, or five minutes before heading out the door to school.

I compromised, and we set it up after returning from an all-day Montrose soccer day at about 7:00pm last Saturday night. I had Greg around to help, so starting a messy craft project late at night didn’t seem so overwhelming. Plus, he got to clean up while I was ironing the shit out of our fall leaves…



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soccer season: finding himself

October 20, 2015

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Rowen is in his last year of U10 rec soccer. He’ll move up to U12 next year and be the ‘little kid’ again. I have seen such amazing progress this year, as he finds himself out on the soccer field, I’m excited to see what the future holds as he works his way up in skill and experience.


Most of this growth came from the very first game of the season. Their coach couldn’t make it for these games, so there were a couple of parents that stepped in to coach the teams. The mom that coached Rowen’s team, didn’t know he specifically played defense… defense where you can stand around for awhile until it was time to rear back and kick the ball as hard as possible away from your own goal.


Defense, where you dipped your toe into the game here and there, but avoided being front and center.


Defense, where you could chat with your friend, watch the game from a distance, and cheer for your teammates when a goal was scored.


She put him as forward.


A forward, where he had to run and be aggressive.


A forward, where he was forced to get right in there and fight to get the ball.


And he couldn’t have been more proud of himself.


That boy is fast. He learned that he can take charge. He learned that he can be aggressive. He learned that he has fast feet and can maneuver the ball away from his opponents. He learned that he has accurate passing skills. He learned that he can use the skills he is being taught – from practice and from Greg – and put them to the test on the field.


Being put into a forward position gave him a huge confidence boost that he carried with him throughout the rest of the season.


He even scored a few goals.


After the games in Telluride, we enjoyed an afternoon adventure up the gondola and back into town for some much needed ice cream. I love turning a sports trip for one kiddo into a great outing for the whole family!